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We love our goats and consider them partners in our endeavor. They enjoy browsing in the woods and eat organic grain and high-quality local hay. Our approach to controlling internal parasites and promoting health is largely preventative: we utilize rotational and multi-species grazing, feed tannin-rich plants, and pay special attention to proper minerals.

Every step of the way, we treat our goats humanely. In part, we feel humane goat farming involves: allowing moms to bond with and raise their kids, choosing the most humane castration method, properly preparing kids to move on from our herd, and continuing to provide the best care for our retired milkers. Watching a beloved grandma goat enjoying the company of her daughters and grandkids is a delightful part of raising dairy goats.

The entire Old Moon Farm herd tested negative for CAE, CL, Johnes, and brucellosis in 2019, and we keep a closed herd. Our does are registered with the American Goat Society, and our bucks are registered with both the American Goat Society and the American Dairy Goat Association.

Our foundation animals come from Sunflower Farm and Fairlea Farm and boast well-established dairy lines such as Rosasharn, Old Mountain, and Flat Rocks. We strive to breed great milkers, excellent mothers, and easy keepers. Old Moon wethers make the sweetest pets and fabulous clearers of brush and poison ivy.

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