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Finding loving homes for our kids is important to us.

Kidding season usually begins in April, and kids are ready for new homes between 10-12 weeks of age. They are dam-raised, and we handle them daily to make sure they are well-socialized and friendly. 

Healthy kids are our top priority.

This means we do not milk a doe unless her kids continue to reach an ideal weight. If a mom has more kids than she can adequately feed, we provide her babies with extra goat milk. By paying close attention to weight gain, providing plenty of milk, and minimizing stress, we produce healthy kids with strong immune systems. Our kids do not typically need chemical dewormers or coccidiostats. Although we humans get less milk with this approach, it is best for the goats and also a critical part of preventing dewormer resistance.

Kids must be purchased in pairs or added to an existing herd. 

Doelings $400

(with registration application) 

Wethers $200


Kids are disbudded during the first week of life by our vet. Please let us know in advance if you prefer to keep horns intact.


Please email us at

for more information.

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